• “Dr. Demidont is a bright burning fire in the world of medicine, which all to often can be a source of dark experiences those of us with LGBTQ identities. She makes her patients feel safe. She has a unique presence which affirms everyone around her that they are enough, they are valued, and that they are more than worthy of her focused time and attention. She treats every patient as the unique person they are. Her harm-reduction approach to medicine meets people where they are at in life while providing support and motivation to make healthy choices, when her patients are ready. Dr. Demidont truly has a special gift which she shares so generously with all of her patients.”


    Kat Pinkerton Reproductive and Sexual Health Nurse Practitioner in Portland, Oregon & Yale School of Nursing Alum ’16.
  • Dr. AC is the most amazing doctor I've had I love her! She's so intelligent knows what she's doing has a wonderful personality and a huge heart!!! She wants the best for all of her patients and always gets back to you when you have concerns. I will always recommend people to go see her and no one else. She has first hand experience with things she preaches and she just wants everyone to have equal rights to amazing care!!! I've been seeing her for a little over 4 months now and I have nothing but great things to say about her and the people that work for her!
    Stephen L.
  • I also benefited from Services provided by Dr. AC, who I can honestly say probably saved my life POST GRS. Not even my VA Doctors could offer help. A Heart Felt Best Wishes to you.
    Jennifer RT
  • “I was never comfortable going to see a doctor until I met A.C. She took the time to help me feel comfortable despite experiencing intense dysphoria, which is not something any other doctor has understood before. I started going to see her a couple of years ago when I was first realizing that I identify as trans, and she has helped me the entire way, from getting my name changed to having top surgery, and now hormone replacement therapy. A.C. truly understands the challenges facing the LGB, transgender, and gender-non-conforming communities and does amazing work to provide the best care in a friendly, compassionate, fun way. I’m so thankful to have found her and to have her as my doctor. She works tirelessly not only to help her own patients but also educates healthcare professionals all over the world so that we all receive the care we deserve. A.C. is inspirational to me not just for everything she does, but for being her authentic self while doing it and I absolutely recommend her to anyone in the LGB, transgender, and gender-non-conforming communities who are seeking a doctor who truly cares, understands, and provides compassionate care.”

    Caidin S.