Sexual Health

A Healthy, Sexy You.

HIV/STI screening and treatment.

Anchor Health Initiative helping ensure a sexy, healthy you.

Anchor Health Initiative is committed to offering confidential and comprehensive sexual health services that make you feel accepted, truly cared for, and valued just as you are.


We are able to screen for and provide the following:

HIV Rapid
HIV Confirmatory
Hepatitis A/B
Hepatitis C
Herpes (if symptoms)
Warts (if symptoms)
TB Screening
Pregnancy Testing
Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations


AHI is committed to providing care regardless of ability to pay. The Sexual Health Clinic, in collaboration with the New Haven City Department of Health STI Clinic is able to provide services to those most in need using the fees collected from the sliding scale, so your payment or donations are appreciated!  For patients with medical insurance, your routine testing and screening will be billed to your medical insurance.

HIV Testing – Free

This includes a 4th generation rapid HIV test and a 4th generation confirmatory HIV test.

Full Panel HiV/STI Screening and Treatment

With this visit, you will receive full panel HIV/STI/sexual health testing by a Health Educator and discuss symptoms or sexual health concerns with a medical provider who can provide treatment, if necessary.

Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations

This includes screening for immunity for Hepatitis A/B, immunizations for Hepatitis A/B, and screening for Hepatitis C.  If receiving Hepatitis A/B vaccinations, 2 additional visits may be required to complete the recommended immunization series.


Expedited Partner Testing and Treatment is a service offered at Anchor Health Initiative that provides HIV testing for couples or individuals in romantic and/or sexual partnerships.


PEP or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is a medication regimen that you can take if you believe you have just been exposed to HIV.  If you take PEP as directed within 3 days after exposure, it can prevent HIV from infecting your body. If you had unprotected sex with or been exposed to the blood from someone you think may be HIV positive, please visit the Walk-In Clinic and ask to speak to a Health Educator, who will assist you with your visit.

PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a medication that can reduce your risk of getting HIV. If you take PrEP as directed, it can reduce the chance that HIV will be able to infect your body. A once-daily pill is available for patients seeking PrEP.

For more information on our Sexual Health Clinic services, please call 203.903.8308.